Why No Lockers?


Allie Shepherd, Staff Writer

Everyone has noticed the blank spots on the wall where our lockers are supposed to be. This is a supply chain issue that is affecting everyone but where did it start?

It all started in March 2020 when the first outbreak of Covid-19 happened and the world hit pause. In this break people lost jobs, businesses temporarily closed, and a labor shortage began. The backup we are experiencing is tied to the lack of workers in manufacturing companies. In the article, The Skilled Labor Shortage Threatens Manufacturing Sector’s Fully Recovery Says Study Adrienne Selko Quoted “Before the pandemic, 38% of manufacturers had trouble finding candidates with the right skills and today that number is 54%, said The Workforce Institute”. The lack of workers and the demand for products is making it a long wait for our lockers. 

High school students are excitedly waiting for our lockers. One student sophomore Brynlee Murray voices “Honestly, I’m grateful we’re getting lockers at all!! It’s been pretty inconvenient having to haul everything around in a backpack”. Junior Keill Smith backs Murray up by saying “I wish we could have them earlier in the year. It’s kinda hard to have to carry around our heavy books and things that we don’t need every day” Overall everyone is ready for this covid madness to be over and we are all ready to have our lockers