Utah’s Haunted History

Utahs Haunted History

Sarah Joy Rowley, Staff Writer

As Halloween approaches, haunted forests and haunted houses begin to open. These are all artificial scares, but what about the genuinely haunted locations around Utah? Some people may not believe in ghosts and apparitions, but Utah has many locations where many people have returned with bizarre stories. Some teenagers enjoy a good scare while others may not. For those that do, these are some places to check out.


Our first stop on this adventure is Tooele, Utah, and the old county hospital, otherwise known as Asylum 49. This hospital was originally an orphanage but became a makeshift hospital/asylum. In 2016 it was voted the best-haunted house in Utah as it is turned into a Halloween attraction every year. Tours are available throughout the year so that guests may experience firsthand the horror of the spirits that haunt the halls. There have been many reports of people being touched by these apparitions and seeing shadows of people drifting through halls. For those that do not believe it, go experience it before deciding.


A little closer to home in the Salt Lake City Cemetery lies Lilly E. Gray, June 6, 1881 – November 14, 1958. Now, a gravestone might not seem like much until you read what has been written under her dates…… “Victim of the beast 666.” Her death certificate shows that the cause of death was natural, but her husband, Earl Grey, a crazy man with a criminal history, believed she was kidnapped.


These places and their stories might seem a little crazy and made up, but you never know. If seeing is believing for you in this situation, go experience it for yourself and then decide.