AHS Myths and Stories

AHS Myths and Stories

Max Millar, Staff Writer

American Heritage seems like your typical average private school right? Wrong! AHS has its fair share of dark myths and forgotten stories. Most students seem to have no recollection of these stories at all but a small handful of students are keeping them alive. 

  1. Jingles

The tale of Jingles is a rather scary one, perfect for this time of year. Legend has it that an old janitor at AHS seeks his ghostly revenge on the school. The name Jingles comes from the jingling sound the keys on his belt make. He can only be summoned at night in the locker rooms near the weightlifting room. It is said his vengeful spirit roams there. Once he is summoned, the doors will lock and his plan will be set in motion. “I’m terrified of Jingles! I’m afraid he’s going to steal my soul or something while I’m in the locker room.”, Sophomore Isaac Montes stated In an interview. Thankfully no one has been successful in summoning Jingles but there have been short films made and a planned video game series in the works. To put it short, if you hear keys in the locker room, run.


  1. Teleporting teachers.

AHS students can all agree that the teachers at the school have a supply of teleportation devices. One moment a teacher that was with the elementary school students suddenly shows up walking into the physics room. How do they do it? Well believe it or not, the faculty at AHS have a special brand of teleporting devices that allow them to be anywhere at any time in the school. Manufactured by previous engineering students, these devices are only visible to faculty and staff, making it impossible for students to predict where a teacher shows up. 


  1. The apocalypse.

Imagine a single bag of food capable of wiping out the human race. This is the apocalypse, a long gone legend that could spell doom for us all. The apocalypse is a bag of long forgotten lunch food. The exact date of the apocalypse’s creation is unknown. People have speculated that the apocalypse is gone, taken away by a government entity, but these rumors are entirely speculative. For all we know, the apocalypse could still be out there, waiting for an unexpecting student to open its bag and unleash chaos on the human race. Sophomore Chris Seely put it simply, “It’s big, smelly, and funky”.


These are but a small handful of the strange legends that are embedded deep in the lore of AHS. Ask other students about the legends and myths surrounding our school, they might know another one that has never been heard. You may even make a new friend in the process!