BYU Football: Best Season Ever?


Mynoa Jacob, Associate Editor

Many of the students here at AHS have been sitting on pins and needles as they watched the first three games of this year’s BYU football season. 

Last spring, many of BYU’s best players were drafted into the NFL including Zach Wilson, Khyiris Tonga, Chris Wilcox, and Dax Milne. Some fans have worried that this loss of some of the most powerful players (including some who were seniors and graduated) would decrease BYU’s chance of having a dream team this year. Others, however, are very hopeful about the team. “I think we have some good players this year even though we lost a few to the NFL,” Sam van der Beek, a sophomore at AHS said. “We already beat Arizona and Utah and I think we’ll do well this year.” Many players, like new starting quarterback Jarren Hall, have demonstrated that they can step up and fill the void that was made when Zach Wilson and others of his teammates left. 

To the surprise of many, BYU won their games against Arizona State and their famous rival University of Utah. They then went on to beat the Sun Devils, South Florida, and another rival Utah State.

Also, to the delight of most BYU fans, Tom Holmoe accepted an invitation on behalf of the team to the Big XII conference. “I think that it’s good that we joined the Big XII,” sophomore Carter Nielsen commented. “We can play bigger teams and get more revenue. Also we can get better recruits and compete more effectively with the top teams. This will bring us good opportunities and help our football team in the long run.” Sophomore Sam Clark added, “[BYU] will increase their recruiting and play better teams and get better athletes. They will also get better game times so they aren’t always so late at night.” 

Overall, BYU football fans are looking forward to an exciting season. Coach Reed said, “We’re [5]-0 right now. I’m worried about the USC game [in November] but I think there’s a decent chance we’ll win that.” Or as sophomore Meagan Pierce concluded, “I think we’ll do good but not exactly the best this season.”