Homecoming Recap


Walking into a dark room with lights flashing, music blasting, and everyone dancing, students feel like they took a trip to the past. AHS’s 2021 homecoming was a complete success! With the Italian sodas and games there’s no way students couldn’t have fun. The couples had amazing 50’s outfits and those who went solo rocked the floor with awesome moves. 

Junior, Ryan Mitchell siad “My favorite memory from homecoming was probably just being able to spend time with my date. It was a lot of fun! Our costume was just inspired by the 50’s theme.” 

Junior Parker Peterson said “My favorite memory was probably the whole dance in general, the way it was setup was super fun with the drink truck and all. But a specific memory though was probably when we pulled up [to] the dance jamming to party in the USA.” Students who went enjoyed the experience. With all the activities including limbo and a hula hooping contest it was a memorable night.