The Decline of Netflix


Spencer Larsen, Associate Editor

With the nice summer weather coming to an end, many students are moving their recreation indoors. Many are turning to TV and movies to occupy their free time. In our digital age, streaming has become the go-to option for those who want to watch media. The most notable streaming site is Netflix, having been around since 1997, but its popularity is quickly being rivaled by some new contenders. The next three most popular streaming services, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney +, combined have almost double the number of subscribers as Netflix. These new sites are growing fast, Disney + and HBO Max are already two of the most popular streaming sites despite being around for only about a year and a half. 

This shift is due to many popular shows such as ‘The Office’ or ‘Parks and Rec’ being claimed by their parent companies. These shows have been moved from Netflix to Peacock, which is NBC’s streaming service. “I used to watch Netflix, but now it just isn’t interesting,” said senior Devin Watson. “I can find the shows I want in other places.” The issue with having so many streaming services is that popular shows are now spread between all of them, meaning there is nowhere to find all your favorite shows in one place. Most people aren’t willing to spend their money on multiple streaming services so they are forced to choose the one that has their favorite shows. So patriots, before subscribing to a streaming service, do some research. Don’t just choose a popular site, make sure to check what content the site actually has.