Devious Licks – Not AHS’ Style


Alyssa Bethers, Staff Writer

The Student body of American Heritage is a special one. The Tiktok trend, “Devious Licks” is one that applauds vandalism. While we are fortunate this has not happened here at American Heritage, we are all saddened by this destructive behavior that has been going on in other schools. Principal Chase Hale says, “We hope (students) can come to prefer the validation of an observant Heavenly Father over the praise of any peers for whom they may be performing. We hope they can learn from the event, commit to an alternate path, and experience the honor and confidence that come from always acting with integrity.” It is important to have an attitude of love and acceptance towards others and the rules. Mr. Hale further commented on American Heritage students, “Students of American Heritage have a proven track record of maturity—they know the difference between a prank that is funny to all and one that is inappropriate.” A good example of this is the senior prank, a good natured prank full of laughter and a  tradition. “Every year, our seniors creatively plan and execute a prank that does NOT damage either physical property or personal relationships. Damaging a relationship or someone else’s property to earn cheap laughs from a few peers? That’s easy. Creating a comedic moment that preserves property, enhances relationships, and results in a story that everyone loves retelling for years to come? That’s hard,” Mr. Hale states. AHS students understand what is acceptable and what is not. “Students at American Heritage, who live in accordance with an honor code, not only possess the integrity to avoid vandalism, but they also possess the ambition and high levels of intelligence necessary to be able to do pranks the right way. Students can be daily stewards who help maintain a beautiful and orderly campus environment. That really matters. Research studies have shown that a well-maintained environment tends to invite clean behavior from those who inhabit it, while a poorly maintained environment invites poor treatment by its inhabitants.”