The Importance of Resilience


Eliana Angilau, Staff Writer

Resilience is, “ the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”. Throughout everyone’s life, we are thrown into trials that make it hard to manage. Trials are difficult, but they can also help us grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.  In “Resilience- Spiritual Armor for Today’s Youth” written by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy says, “In our highly digital age—with countless modern conveniences—we might conclude that children and youth today have it easy. But in truth, youth are inundated with challenges, trials, and temptations that previous generations never faced.” Elder Robbins teaches us that, especially in this time and age, our need to prepare and build our resilience is at an all time high. The first step we can take is to recognize the trials and challenges we go through, and make something better of the experiences we face. Elder Robbins mentions, “It is the hardships, the struggling, and the stretching that help us develop resilience—the ability to get up, dust ourselves off, and continue on the straight and narrow path. That path is often steep and rocky, and we will all have our share of stumbles and setbacks.”  When asked, “What does resilience mean to you ?” Junior, Ava Smith said, “Resilience in my life is grounding myself in what I know and believe to be true and knowing that I have the responsibility and power, with God’s aid, to push through any trial and obstacle that stands in my way. I know that if I go forward with that type of thinking and knowing that my Father in Heaven is a God that never lacks strength to rescue me, that I will be able to discover the true meaning of resilience.”