Top 5 and Tough 5 Parts of High School


Mynoa Jacob, Associate Editor

To some people, the high school years are filled with fun experiences that make them some of the best years of their lives. But to others, high school is a mashup of stressful days and drama. Most people, however, view their high school experience as a blend of both beautiful and challenging days.

Senior Izzi Stratton outlined her top 5 and worst 5 parts of her high school experience as:

Best 5

  • Making friends and relationships
  • Being able to learn a variety of different subjects and skills
  • You figure out what you like and dislike academically, socially, and with sports
  • A great support system to prepare you for the future
  • Helps you stay productive 

Worst 5

  • Teenagers’ tendencies to compare themselves to others
  • Sometimes you get stuck in classes you don’t like and you get forced to do things you’re not passionate about. 
  • Teachers that don’t help you learn as much
  • Being tired because you have to wake up early
  • Constant pressure and concern about grades and classes


Junior Harvest Hale also listed her favorite and least favorite aspects of high school:


  • There is a wide variety of classes to choose from
  • Social— you can get to know lots of different people and teachers
  • Athletics
  • Being able to try new things and get exposed to lots of different things
  • Experiential learning 


  • Having to prepare for the ACT
  • The stress of getting good college resumes and getting good grades so that you can get into a good college
  • Tests in every class that put pressure on students
  • Having to take classes you don’t like
  • Not getting enough sleep