Animal Shelter Animal Profiles


Venus Hatch, Staff Writer

Shelters can often be hard on rescue animals. Kennels and cold floors aren’t very homey. In a search for a better home to take care of our furry friends, we found Cuddles Cat Lounge! At Cuddles Cat Lounge in American Fork, kitties and cats get an enriching environment to live and play in until they get adopted. All cats are adoptable at this non-profit cat rescue, and all cats are provided with medical care and a safe, comfortable place to find their fur-ever homes!

Some of the cats you’ll meet at the Lounge include:


Scarlett is an independent lady and is very confident in who she is. She loves to sit on the front desk and meet all of the friends who come in to visit! Even though she looks grumpy, she’s a softie who loves pets and attention.


Mango and Moose:

(Only mango because Moose was taking a nap:))

Mango and Moose are the super snuggler duo, these sisters love to crawl into your lap for a nice cat nap! As playful and energetic these kittens are, they’re always in the mood for pets and a nice nap.



Blanche LOVES attention. When it comes to these cats, their favorite thing is to be held, and if no one will hold them, they’ll take it into their own paws and perch right on their favorite human!



When Drax first came to Cuddles he was really stressed and didn’t feel quite at home, but now that this wonderful little guy has warmed up to his new friends he loves to snuggle and get soft pets.


A volunteer at Cuddles stated, “I love working with cats, especially because I feel they need somewhere to socialize and become adjusted to others. Organizations like this are so beneficial to the social skills and developments of the cats to be in an interactive environment instead of in cages in a traditional shelter.”


Adopting animals and giving them homes is in high demand, and shelters like Cuddles have high adoption rates and a more positive environment for human visitors and furry friends. If you’re looking for a new friend, Cuddles Cat Lounge is the place to go!