A Look at AHS Creativity Lab Projects


Max Millar, Staff Writer

Anyone who’s been upstairs in the high school building has probably heard the sounds of power tools and wood being cut. What’s all the noise about? This is the sound of students hard at work in the Creativity Lab. Creativity Lab is an updated and different take on the engineering class. Rather than having a set project to make, students are allowed to make anything they want. Mr Debirk, who teaches Creativity Lab says, “I have a greater variety of projects than I ever had before. This tells me that we are achieving our goal of being as student orientated as possible. My curriculum is that I want to ask the students what they want to do and then I open the door so they can”. 

Carter Owens had this to say about one of his projects, “I’m working on the Space Center. I’m working on the phasers for it and it’s really cool doing that. It’s fun to work with all sorts of different technologies and design styles.” 

Dixie Banks, another Creativity Lab student said, “I’m making a board that says ‘welcome’ on it. Instead of an O it’s gonna fit ornaments for different holidays. I’m really proud of it.”

From an endless variety of projects to choose from, creativity lab has no limits on what can be made.