Sports and Academics: Finding Balance


Allie Shepherd, Staff Writer

As students, we all have busy lives filled with family, homework, and studies. Student-athletes have to do all of this, plus add practices and games into their schedules.  It’s amazing that those students find the right balance of work and play, and are successful at both. 

Two students here at AHS reflect about how they manage school and sports along with all of the challenges life throws at them. They were asked what tips they have for managing school life and sports. Junior Parker Peterson said, “ I would put school first, that is your biggest priority before athletics, but you should make room for athletics as it is also important.” According to the students at AHS sophomore Jaden Adams states, “For me, I just focus on being in the moment. When there’s a sports game or practice, I focus on the sport, but when I get home I go straight to schoolwork. I don’t do anything else until that’s done.” The best path to succeeding in school and sports is being focused. We can all take a page out of that book in any work we are doing. Keep focused, and go AHS sports teams!