Our Baseball Team


Sarah Joy Rowley, Staff Writer

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

At American Heritage, we value sportsmanship, togetherness and supporting our teams. Our baseball team just proved to us that, when we value those things and put them to use, we can be unbeatable. The title of 2021 UHSAA 2A Fall Baseball Champions was just secured by our team after an amazing win at state in St. George. 

Junior Tanner Sosa said, “The coaches helped a lot throughout the year because they really focused on personal development, for baseball is mainly a team sport, but it’s very important that everyone is strong by themselves to help everyone be the best they can be. Throughout the year those on the bench have been a great influence, for some of them never stopped cheering their hearts out no matter the score or errors made, and it really kept the team going and pushing strong. I’d say seeing how strong my teammates are on the field and off definitely inspired me to improve myself. One of the most inspiring teammates for me was Mack Chappel, he was always caring for me, helping me improve, and overall a stand-up guy on and off the field. At the beginning of the season I was assigned the chant for the team and I said we should do family, but another teammate said to me ‘I don’t think we are there Sosa.’  Now at the end of the season, while playing against Merritt, we fought and played not as a team but his brothers and sisters and family. I was often assigned to say the prayer of the start of practice, which earned me the name ‘The Chaplain’ and the most inspirational part of the year was the prayer that was said immediately after winning our finals game. I’m going to miss playing on the team with them and growing together. Can’t wait for another great year.”

Sophomore Hailey Todd said, “At first when I started baseball I was worried because I was going to be the only girl on the team, but as I got to know the boys and the coaches they really became family. We would joke around with each other during practice but we’d also be able to focus and work hard when we needed to. Since we were able to develop a close bond, winning the championship felt like something we could do as a team and family, not just strangers. It was so fun working with them this year!”

They played their best in all their games and no matter what they were all there supporting each other. This team can be an example to all of us, so let us all make sure we are supporting each other as a school family!