Snow Ball Dance December 11th


Alyssa Bethers, Staff Writer

Girls get asking, because on December 11th the school is hosting a winter semi-formal! This girls choice dance will be held In the new PAC (Patriot Auxiliary Court) from 8:30-11pm. Tickets are being sold at $25 for couples and $15 for singles, we invite students 16 and older to come and dance. Make sure to dress appropriately, the standards posted below.


AHS Dance Behavior Standards

1-No gum, outside food or drink.

2-Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Do not participate in any form of bullying or gossip. Make a special effort to be a friend to all those who are sad and lonely, have special needs or do not feel included. 

3-When dancing, no full body contact with your partner. Do not use positions or moves that are suggestive of sexual or violent behavior, or are otherwise inappropriate. 

4-Public displays of romantic physical affection are not appropriate at AHS activities, including hand holding, cuddling or kissing. 

5-Use language that uplifts, encourages and compliments others. Profanity, vulgar language and crude topics of discussion are not appropriate. 


AHS Dance Dress Standards


-Hair-no extreme styles or unnatural colors. 

-no masks, face paint, hats or excessive makeup. 

-Be neat, clean, and modest in appearance. 

-Shorts are not allowed unless specified for the dance or activity. In cases where shorts are specified shorts should touch the knee cap while standing. 

-Jeans may not have holes in them. 


Young Men

-clean shaven

-pants should not be too tight or extremely low and must cover underwear. 

-Avoid sloppy or dark looks. 

-No earrings or obtrusive jewelry. No makeup. 


Young Women

-Tops should draw attention to the face and not the body. Necklines should be close to the collarbone and should not gape. The back should be covered (no straps backs halter or backless garments). 

-Material should not be sheer, no spandex. Wear a slip if needed. 

-Clothes should not be too tight (undergarments should not be visible through the clothing). Likewise clothes should not be too loose that they are revealing. 

-Dresses must have sleeves that cover the shoulders. No sleeveless strapless, or spaghetti dresses or shirts. Wear a shrug if needed. Wraps are not sufficient in covering a sleeveless dress. 

-Skirts and dresses should touch the kneecap when standing.