Ariana Bell


Ever since I was little, I’ve always felt so drawn to the creative arts. They’ve been such a huge, monumental part of my life. Actually, it’s quite interesting; nobody else in my family shares my desire to create in the way I do, so they’re not sure where I got it from (family wise). But I do know; they were bestowed upon me by God. They’re a part of me now and I’m never going to give them up. They’ve been there for me my whole life, so of course I’m rather fond of them. Whenever I have felt down, or happy, or angry, they’re always there. What do I do with these emotions? I create. I love to build off of them and turn them into something beautiful that wasn’t in the world before. The feeling of having created something that didn’t previously exist is a wonderful one. I constantly inspire myself to create something new in the world everyday, no matter how trivial. And the thing is, no matter what situation I’m in, the arts are something I can always turn to. After all, how can you take something away from me when God clearly wanted me to have them? I thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me these eyes that see art, these ears that hear music, and this voice I use to tell Him just how much I love Him. I thank God for my gifts, and I love more than anything to share these gifts with others. It makes me feel so incredibly happy to know that I can lift others with my creations, even when I doubt them. I am a happy person, and I have everything and God to thank for that.