Kate Woodley


My little brother Ty has Autism, and he hasn’t been very verbal. We’ve wondered if he was ever going to be verbal, and be good at making eye contact, and to tell emotions. And basically this one time I was babysitting him as my parents were out on a date, and I was having a bad day. I was brushing his teeth and getting him ready for bed and, while doing so, I was crying in our bathroom, I didn’t think he would notice. He then grabbed my cheeks and looked me straight in the eye. I’ve never really made eye contact with him before like that and it made my heart race a bit because it surprised me. He then said “ Kay Kay I love you and Jesus loves you”. I then remembered I prayed for comfort earlier and felt the Spirit so strongly from Him. And I knew the Lord uses people to answer our prayers, and in this situation he had Ty answer my prayer. I’ll never forget that moment, and it just grew my testimony. I know the Lord is always there even when it feels like He’s not there, even at times when it feels like He’s oblivious of our emotions. He’s always there to bring us comfort.