Daniel Soeung


Earlier this Summer, I went to Lake Powell for my birthday. It was fun, but I was a little afraid of the water, but I still learned to surf and water ski. We drove for about five or six hours. After we arrived at the marina, we all met up. Our boat was parked at a site called “Ice Cream.” We settled in and enjoyed what was on the boat. The adults went to the store to stock up on food for the week. The only ones staying behind were me, the Cooks, my host family, and the Hawkes. I was on the top deck taking a nap. I was already scared of the water being there for the first few hours. I felt the boat always moving, but it was just like an illusion when you’re not used to it, but I guess it wasn’t an illusion for long. Around seven, I was looking out into the distance, and I felt the houseboat moving again. I ignored it. Then, I heard the rope that anchored the boat snap. The houseboat swung from the left with tremendous speed. I felt the urge to move away right that second and quickly moved away from the edge. I kept my balance and went down to tell the others to go inside. On the right side, where the boat was swinging to, was our surf boat and our friend Lauren was in it. Somehow the houseboat moved in more and more and eventually started to squeeze the surf boat with Lauren still in it. The boat stopped moving and instead started going the other direction, giving Lauren time to get out safely. I got out of the boat since I sensed that if I were on that thing, I was going to die that day. Helpers arrived to stabilize the boat. Not long after the house boat crashed again and the helpers got in and drove it to the lake to prevent damage, I was left on the other side of the island with four people. We were stranded on the other side of the marina and the worst part was it was raining, so it was very cold. I got nervous not knowing what was going to happen.¬† I later¬† heard a scream from the distance, as if something happened, and I ran over to see and another family’s boat moving away like ours had done. We did our best to help, and those guys were safe. We all regrouped and prayed for safety, and we all were reunited. In a nutshell, I think it really important even though you are struggling you can still help others because just like the apostles said the goal “to serve not to be served” and that comes with a choice when you are in your own deep waters, sometimes when you help others you shift your focus on your own self to caring about others and I think the gift of charity is a very special gift and to obtain it takes a lot of effort