Student Athlete Spotlight: Merceius Mili


Eliana Angilau, Staff Writer

Merceius Mili is a freshman and a new student to American Heritage. She loves basketball with a passion and is excited for this season to start as it is her very first high school season and an upstart to her high school sports-career. Merceius says, “I think coming to this new school has helped me learn more about basketball, off and on the court. And help me gain relationships with my teammates playing with a new team and learning about the intellectual part of basketball.” Merceius highly recommends playing basketball and says three things she appreciates about being a part of a team sport are: 1) gaining relationships on and off the court 2) Learning how to work with one and other 3) developing a sense of accountability. Merceius looks up to Kobe Bryant and His “Mamba Mentality” and the worth ethic that he exemplifies. Off the court Merceius loves spending time with her family and playing pickleball.