Real or Fake: The Christmas Tree Debate


Allie Shepherd, Staff Writer

Everyone has their Christmas traditions. Some put up a fake tree with fun colors. Others drive to a tree farm, pick the perfect tree, and bring it home to decorate. Whatever tree you have, the big question is “are real trees a dying tradition?”

Here at AHS press, we conducted a quick survey of 20 students and found that 70% of students put up fake Christmas trees. Sophomore Brynlee Murray said “My family has this tradition where we go up Strawberry Canyon during Thanksgiving break and we cut down our own Christmas tree. It’s super fun and we ride our snowmobiles through the snow. The snow in Idaho is a lot deeper than the snow here, it literally goes past your knees in most places. And the best part is when the tree is cut down, we put it in our sled and zoom back to our truck! Because our truck is toasty and warm.”