Getting Your License


Spencer Larsen, Associate Editor

A new year can bring many new opportunities. For students who are turning sixteen, a driver’s license is probably on the top of that list. Earning a license is no small feat, so here are some tips to make the process as painless as possible.


Step 1: The Permit

Before earning a driver’s license, students will need to get a temporary learner’s permit from the Driver’s License Office. The only requirement for the permit is a short multiple-choice test to get the permit. Try to get the permit as soon as possible. 15 is the youngest age that a permit is available, so don’t delay. After getting the permit, students will need to complete 40 hours of driving with an adult. Finding time between school and work to drive with parents can make this requirement difficult. Junior Logan Brown said, “The 40 hours of driving was the hardest requirement for me. At first, driving was daunting, so it took a while for me to get the hours.” Having a permit early will be helpful for finishing the required 40 hours of driving. After earning a permit and the hours of driving with an adult, there are only two more steps. 


Step 2: Drivers Ed

The driver’s ed course is not difficult, but it is very tedious. There are around 30 hours’ worth of timed lessons that must be completed, as well as a final multiple-choice test at the end. Be sure to check and pick an approved drivers ed course. If a course that is not listed on the website is completed, it will not count, and an approved course must instead be completed. That means another 30 hours of the same exact information. 

Step 3: Driving Lessons and Test

The final requirements are 6 hours of driving with a driving instructor and a driving test. The driving lessons are administered through the drivers ed course, but the test has to be administered by a third party. Either a separate driving school or directly through the Driver’s License Office.  


Finally, after all that hard work, it is time to get the license. Check the Utah driver’s license website and remember to bring all the required documents to the DLD. Now it’s time to drive! Enjoy the new freedom and always remember to buckle up!