Athlete Spotlight: Emma Gibbs


Mynoa Jacob, Associate Editor

Emma Gibbs is an exuberant senior who is known for her love of athletics, and basketball in particular. She has attended AHS since second grade and regularly participates in basketball, track, cross country, and soccer. In fact, she recently won first place at the regional cross-country meet! She loves basketball because of “how friendly everyone is– all the girls on the team are pretty much best friends.” 

But Emma isn’t just an athlete! Like many of her siblings, she is a very talented artist. She has an eye for beauty and is expert at creating it.

She is also skilled at braiding hair, and she is often seen with intricately braided hair. 

Emma loves going to AHS “because of the good environment. Everyone is so nice and there isn’t as much drama.” She looks up to Coach Reed because “he puts so much time and effort into us, and he helps us become a strong team.” 

When she has extra time, Emma likes to hangout with friends, draw, or do other physical activities.