Oh the Places…


Kyle Zufelt, Staff Writer

Oh the places you’ve been!.. 

On Vacation!

“Let’s go!” you say.

“Pack your suitcases!”

“There’s no time to play.”


Sleeping in, in your bed.

Eating lots of junk food.

“Put school on the shelf

Do it later Dude!”


The dream vacation destination may be different for everyone. Some students love traveling to exotic destinations, while others might prefer the comfort of visiting relatives and friends. Both can be incredible experiences; both have their downsides. This is a look into where students have spent their vacations. While it varies greatly, one thing is for sure, breaks are the perfect time for visiting new places, forgetting toothbrushes, and meeting new people. So, what places have AHS students been?…


Adam Johnson, AHS Senior, went on a trip to midway Utah over Christmas break. He spent the time with his family having fun in ways anyone else could only be jealous of. This included snowmobiling, ice skating, and snow tubing. Though as Adam said, “There was a ton of snow, so we tended to stay inside and read and eat and play games.” 


While Adam was able to enjoy his time relatively close to his hometown, some students went “off and away!” as Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it. 


Enjoying your holidays farther from home can be just what you need while out of school. Abbie Brown, AHS Freshman, visited Palm Springs California, seeking warmer weather than what Utah has to offer. While not playing in the winter wonderland like Adam did, she also had a lot of family time, and “went on a lot of hikes” with a highlight of going to a cactus garden. 


Elizabeth Fisher, AHS Junior, celebrated having no school from home, showing just as much fun can be had without a long trip. “Not having to do homework was the best thing ever!” Elizabeth said. “Though I had kind of a wonderful, typical Christmas.” To have fun and relax she hung out with family and friends and played in the snow. Ending the New Year with a bang, she and her family had a mini dance party, and hit pots and pans together at midnight.


The Holidays can be spent in many different ways. As different families have different traditions and hobbies it varies greatly, though all can be extremely fun. As different breaks come throughout the year, be open to new destinations that could be the perfect vacation. Wherever each break is spent, memories will be made which you can share, about oh the places you’ve been.