Procrastination Annihilation


Joshua Randall, Staff Writer

Procrastination is simply when one lets fear dissuade him/her from taking certain actions. Procrastination can never be truly annihilated, but there are certainly ways to decrease its appearance in a person’s life. Here are a few…



“I make a study schedule,” says junior Dixie Banks. One of the more obvious techniques is to plan. Planning gives you a goal and often includes breaking the assignment (or whatever you are procrastinating) into bite sized pieces that feel more achievable. And if you don’t feel like it then “Act to feel dont feel to act”- Eliana Larsen, sophomore. Meaning, once you get into the project or assignment you will feel more like it, even if you don’t at the moment.


Have an accountability partner

An accountability partner will help you keep the standards you have set for yourself. It is better to have a partner hold you accountable then have the deadline hold you accountable. Don Kim from facilities says, “It builds a bad reputation when you are not accountable.” This is certainly true and you want others to expect you to not procrastinate rather than expect you to procrastinate which will just make it easier to procrastinate more.


Remove distractions

It is difficult to focus on the task at hand when there are 10 other things (siblings, loud music, movie etc…) in the room you could focus on as well. Distractions cause us to waste time that should be spent making progress on the project. Try making a commitment to stay off other websites and other electronics. “I turn off my phone,” says Dixie Banks. This is one simple and easy way to avoid distraction.