What does the Journalism Staff Do at AHS?


Spencer Larsen, Staff Writer

Patriots, has a fellow student ever asked you for a quote? Asked you if you could share some insight into one of your interests? Snapped a photo of you in the hallway? Well, congratulations, you’ve met the AHS Journalism Staff! Let’s take a look at what they do.


Anyone reading this article is obviously aware of Patriot Press. This is where the Journalism Staff does most of its work. The Staff spends hours writing articles on topics that the student body might be interested in, and new publications are typically released every two weeks, unless there is a holiday.  When asked about the work completed in Journalism, Managing Editor Eliza Fichialos said, “In Journalism we run the school newspaper and create slides for the TV. Our work is important because it connects students. Journalism is really fulfilling because we can see people read our newspaper and leave uplifting comments, and students will see themselves up on the TV and it is awesome to know I played a part in that.”


Another big responsibility for the Journalism Staff is keeping the TV slides fresh. Dozens of memes, quotes, and photos from around the school are posted on the TV in the hallway every week. These slides are created by the Journalism Staff, and they are constantly looking for more material. If anyone has a school appropriate meme to share or a cool picture of other students, show it to a Journalism student to get it up on the TV.


The last duty of the Journalism team is the campaigns. Events such as the pictures and poetry contest or the Article Haiku contest are run by the Journalism Staff. The Journalism staff is in charge of judging the contests and awarding prizes. Mrs. Hilmo, the teacher of the Journalism class, said, “Our Journalism Staff helps support the student experience in a variety of ways. One is to host various writing related campaigns. We run an annual Pictures and Poetry contest each fall, and just finished a haiku challenge. All of it is meant to build community and highlight Journalism’s function at the school.”  The staff runs multiple campaigns every year, so keep an eye on the TV to join in the next one.


So that is Journalism! When the staff isn’t hunting down stories or creating slides, they are playing games together in class or eating lunch together at Chick-fil-a. For anyone interested in Journalism, Mrs. Hilmo encourages, “If you like writing or are artistic, consider signing up for the Journalism Staff in the future.”