High School Perspectives


Mynoa Jacob, Associate Editor

Does high school get more or less hyped as time goes on? Here’s some students from each grade to give their perspectives. 

Freshman Hailey Dye commented, “It’s hard to focus on school and homework when there are so many other things to do. But high school overall is really fun.” Teenagers in high school have so many fun activities to do, including sports, music, spending time with friends, or other extracurricular activities. Freshmen especially can feel like they have less homework on their schedule, so they have time for other things. But as they try to figure out high school, most freshmen experience days that aren’t perfectly ideal. Freshman Olivia Larsen said, “school sometimes gets boring in the long days, especially when all the teachers just give lectures. Honestly it’s just kind of tiring. But after school it’s fun to do other things like basketball and hanging with friends.” So while the school day can be long and tiring, the activities that happen after school help brighten the high school experience.

Sophomore Andrew Fee has loved his experience in high school. He commented, “I’ve found that I love it as long as I have a grounding anchor because it can get really hectic. As long as I always have something to pull me back, like connecting with God or my family, it’s been really enjoyable.”

Junior William Kartchner recently transferred schools from a high school in Idaho. He says, “High school has been a great experience for me, so far. It gets a little tiring because of long hours spent doing homework or listening to teachers lecture, but it’s been pretty fun. The honor code really helps high school be a good experience for me. Back in Nampa when I went to school there wasn’t an honor code so everybody would swear and vape and do bad stuff, so it wasn’t a great situation. When I moved schools at first I thought the honor code was a little weird, but now I realize how helpful it is. The environment and the people and teachers are all so wonderful. That’s what makes high school at AHS so unique.”

Senior Sarah Ware has attended AHS for a while now. “In short, I definitely have some high school burnout from tiring years of hard classes and homework, but I still care about my grades and high school is still fun in general, especially with good friends and fun things to do.”

So the general consensus is that while there are tiring and hard days, high school is a good experience if there are anchors to help steady life, and if it is filled with good connections.