Morning Routines


Benson Christiansen, Staff Writer

Students and teachers, Freshmen to Seniors, everyone has a morning routine. The routine may be to roll out of bed ten minutes before it’s time to leave, or wake bright and early to start a long process of preparation for the coming day. There are pros and cons to every routine but everyone has their preferred schedule. What is the best schedule? And how should a plan be made for the time between going to sleep and going to school.

Joseph Weyland says “I wake up then lay in bed for twenty minutes until I actually wake up then I start to get ready for school” telling how waking up is a struggle and how a good portion of any plan could just be waking up.

Julie Riboldi mentioned that her routine is “I wake up at about 6:45 , read my scriptures for ten minutes, stare at my wall for ten minutes, then get ready for school.” Ah yes, everyone needs time spent staring at their wall. 

Jack Reed also stated how he likes to schedule out his mornings as it allows him to sleep in just a little bit later, laying out a schedule for quick efficient preparation before leaving for school. Maybe preparing a lunch the night before is a good way to get out the door faster. 

A few things are especially necessary for a good day at school. A good night of sleep, a breakfast, a lunch, and some level of hygiene. However these are arranged, a plan is sure to get students to school on time with more sleep. Thanks for reading, good night and good luck Patriots.