Cat Supremacy: Allow Me to Purrrsuade You

Eileen Chesworth, Staff Writer

Can’t get your mind off your fuzzy fur ball? Our very own AHS students agree cats win over our hearts more than dogs any day of the week. 


Sophomore Brantsen Schuenman remarks “Owning a cat is like feeling complete, and those who haven’t will feel the emptiness that comes with favoring dogs more. The solution to that is easy – just one afternoon with my cat, Azula, and I promise you will like cats more.” While man’s best friend can offer you some things, when we’re trying to convince our parents to get us a pet it’s obvious who we’re more likely to get. While dogs take effort and time, cats are affordable, quieter, and easy to look after, not to mention cats are pets who respect personal space! 


Sophomore Jenna Meade says “There are just so many reasons why cats are better! They are so easy to take care of, but the love they give you in return doesn’t compare to any other animal. Cats will always be the most wonderful pets in the world, they’re so soft and cuddly and perfect.”Cats are clearly the best option between these two, when the facts are added up. But even while there are many practical reasons to love the felines, when it comes down to it cats are just cuter than any other pet. 


When the thought comes to mind of someone we want to cuddle with, it’s not wet dirty dogs we think of, but soft angelic cats. In the end, no matter what side of the argument we’re on we can all agree on one thing, the bond between person and pet is a beautiful one. 


Spotlight Section


“Azula is really attention-oriented and will do anything to get it. The most obnoxious thing she does is that she knocks over cups that have drinks in them just to get people to come over to her. But she is the best cat on this planet. “

Azula Brantsen Schuenman

Sterling is a close second, and one of his quirks is that while you’re petting him, he’ll lick himself nonstop, but ONLY when you’re petting him, it’s kinda weird hahah. Both are indoor-outdoor and they hang out with the cool neighborhood cats. They are so cuddly and silly and just overall better than any human or dog could ever be. (Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs very much, we have one right now and have had many in the past. But cats are just better.)”

-Brantsen Scheunman 

Sterling Brantsen Schuenman

“The gray one with the gorgeously golden eyes is Silver. She’s an adorable furball who loves to play with anything she can find, whether it’s string, my math book, or a single bean. Nothing comes between her and food. Her pass-time is sleeping in the sun and screaming.”

Sliver Ariana Bell

“The white and brown one is BC (were not the ones who named him). He lived in the yard of our first house when we moved to Utah. We ended up adopting him because he was just so sweet and loving. I don’t think there’s ever been a time this cat isn’t purring. He loves hugs and forehead kisses. If you sit down, your lap is his territory.”

-Ariana Bell 

BC Ariana Bell

“Aspen is a beautiful girl. She likes making biscuits on anything squishy and because she is an outdoor cat she will meow at my backdoor until i go outside and give her attention” 

  • Venus Hatch 

Aspen Venus Hatch

Millie is such a sweet cat. She always wants attention. Millie is always there for me if I have had a hard day. She is a very loving cat towards me. When someone is upset or crying she will run to them and just sit by them. 

  • Jenna Meade 

Millie Jenna Meade

The tuxedo cat (Crystal) is: adventurous, loving, loves human food if it is not too sweet (I thought it was unique to share), playful, loves soft fuzzy blankets, a good hunter, fast runner. 

Crystal Isabella Bradford

The cat with an equal balance of white and black fur (Daisy) is: sneaky, loving, playful, loves human food if it is not to sweet, fast runner

Daisy Isabella Bradford

The cat that is a dirty white is: slow, fussy, old, sleepy, shy, lazy

  • Isabella Bradford 

Dirty White Cat Isabella Bradford