Nathan Zimmerman


What is an experience that has brought you closer to Christ?

“A time that I have gotten closer to Christ is when I was at FSY. At FSY we had these things called R&R which is for Reflect and Review and one of the guys in our group started sharing super personal things about his life with us. Everyone felt like it was a brotherhood and we could share whatever we wanted. Our counselor started bawling and we just felt the Spirit very strong. It was an awesome experience.”


What is a trial that you have gone through that has strengthened you?

“A trial that I have gone through is when my sister was on her mission, she was having a really hard time. We were really close to each other. When I was growing up, she was like my mom and she took care of me and raised me pretty much. While she was on her mission she got really homesick and I couldn’t really talk to her because I was young and you could only send letters or emails. I felt like I couldn’t really tell her that I was there for her and so that was really hard. But I feel like it really strengthened my relationship with her because when she got back I was able to tell her how much I loved her and that I was there for her.”


Story by Cooper Brown, Patriot Press Staff 2022