Hello Student Council


Annalie Johnson, Staff Writer

American Heritage is shaped by our student council. This year they all have some amazing goals for our school.

 Sophomore Bree Harmon is the ninth and tenth grade representative this year. She commented, “Everyone needs to be more open to talking to new people…so that everyone…can have a new friend.” Harmon is very welcoming and outgoing and you can always find her talking to new students and making connections. She says, “My goal in student council this year is to make everyone feel like they have a friend.” 

Junior Ken Lewis is a unity officer. He plans to build unity and community at American Heritage by, “Bringing more people to events…to get more people participating.” The Student Council is planning some incredible dances and events with creative and colorful themes, and they are working to bring students to those fun events. 

The student council’s theme this year is “In His Strength” which comes from Alma 26:12 in the Book of Mormon. The verse says, “…in his strength I can do all things…” Senior Kelli Smith is the eleventh and twelfth grade representative this year. She says, “I really love the theme “In his strength I can do all things” because…if we are struggling throughout the school year with grades, with friends, with teachers, with anything, that we can turn to the Lord and that in His strength we can overcome anything because we [can] do hard things.” 

There are many more student council officers who work hard and spend lots of time building up our school. Share ideas with them and come out to all of the activities and dances!