Poetry Musings

Kaylee Snapp, Staff Writer

Poetry is used to express emotions and feelings to the readers. Junior, McKay Webb’s favorite poem is “If”, by Rudyard Kipling and the reason is “Because of the imagery it has and the way it inspires through examples of what you should be like. It also rolls off the tongue well.” Poetry can help bring new ideas and concepts to people with literary devices and tone. This is an activity, reading or writing, that everyone can enjoy. Poetry is also a great coping mechanism when someone is feeling sad, angry or feeling any other strong emotion because writing those feelings down can help people understand their feelings better. Analyzing poetry can help expand knowledge about writing, literary devices, and how to use writing tools. Poetry is special because in the writing there can be multiple meanings hidden in the stanzas and lines. 

The meanings in poetry can help the reader see a different point of view of a topic or maybe it is just to bring out the beauty of life. Writing can help us appreciate God’s creation of the world and He made it for us because He loves us more than anything. Junior, Carter Hausen’s favorite poem is “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer and says it is his favorite poem because “[It shows that] nature really is God’s Creation.” Robert Frost said, “I have never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is about discovering.” Poetry is like life, we never really know how it will end until we get there. Life is something that we control and not anybody else, we decide the ending just like poetry. Poetry is a beautiful type of art and it can be shared with or written by anyone.