What Makes a Class Great?


Nancy Mellor, Managing Editor

In and out of the school building, students run from class to class, filling their minds with knowledge. Let’s look at what makes a class stand out above the others.

Having independent learning drives some students to favor one class over another. Senior Harvest Hale said, “I really love when teachers give homework assignments that aren’t repetitive, [especially when] we get to choose the topic and dive deep into a subject. I always really love those projects and I learn so much… [and] I’m more invested and interested in doing it.” Learning with an intent and finding a subject that speaks to the student makes a class personal.

Another factor that makes a class great is the balance of the work the teacher assigns. A class needs to have, “balanced homework,” Senior Elizabeth Fisher commented, “No matter how interesting the subject is, if [the teacher doesn’t] explain their assignments clearly, or they assign too much…it’s a nightmare.” Part of having a balance is having variety. Senior Annalee Buck said that when, “the class [has] a balance of having fun but also learning and…they make the learning fun. [And] when the teachers include spiritual principles found within the topic you’re learning…[when] they relate it to God and relate it to spiritual things, [that is] a really good class for me.” When a class has a combo of knowledge, fun, and the companionship of the Spirit, that is a class worth remembering.