A Groovy Kind of Love


Grace Rutherford, Staff Writer

This is the touching story of Mr. Smith and his loving wife of 39 years. (How did they meet you ask?) What makes this story so unique and uncommon is that Mr. Smith does not remember meeting his wife. It all started when Ty Smith was three years old. His mom was the teacher at a dance studio, when a young girl at the age of five, joined his mom’s class. She stayed in the class and they grew up dancing together as friends. A spark began to form as Mr. Smith realized there was something different about this girl. As they got older, he started to notice how nice and caring she was, and how she didn’t act like other girls. He loved how she didn’t care about money, nice cars or worldly things. She was a genuine person who just cared about others. 


He took her on their very first date, which was riding a tandem bike, dinner at Brick Oven Pizza, and a nice evening walk. The two soon fell madly in love. She was in college while he was in high school, but as soon as Mr. Smith graduated, they got married. He proposed at age 18, at the wishing well in Disneyland, and they later got married in the Provo Temple. They were ready to start their life together not knowing how hard it would be as such a young couple. They went through lots of hardships trying to afford a life and family together at such a young age but they stayed strong and got through it. They had their first child when Mr. Smith was 19 years old, and through their marriage had five more children. Mr. Smith said that he loves his marriage and all the years he has spent with his beautiful wife. He stated, “The only thing I would change is not getting married so young and waiting it out a bit longer.” Like mentioned before, it was very hard for them to manage things while being young, with not much life experience yet. Besides that, he is so happy with how his marriage has turned out and is so glad he gets to spend the rest of his life with this lovely caring woman.