Baseball Championship!


Meagan Pierce, Staff Writer

Monday, Oct. 3, was a big day for the American Heritage baseball team. They battled in the state championship game against Maeser and ended up with another state win. Sophomore, Owen Chenn, has been on the baseball team for his high school years and already has two rings to show for it. When asked about the game, Chenn said, “[the] MVP is Jayce because he hit the ball when it counted, and he was consistent with his plays… and didn’t let the nerves get to him.” 

One thing that helped Chenn with the nerves was when “Even the players that weren’t playing in the game were cheering super loud and being positive… it helped us work off each other’s energy.” Another significant factor in the win was the coaches. Chenn always remembered Coach McGee’s talk last year before state, “Be like a goldfish. Goldfish forget things every 30 seconds. So if you make an error forget about it and move on to the next play.”

The baseball team put in hours. Chenn says, “we practiced every single day Monday through Friday for 2 hours, and we worked on the fundamentals.”  They also had amazing examples on the team. Chenn specifically mentioned, “Kapono and Jayden, being the oldest on the team, were good influences and leaders for us.”


The school also gave students not on the team the opportunity to go up to Salt Lake on the bus to watch the game and support them. Sophomore, Bree Harmon, said, “It was fun to see them work together and to use that teamwork and it made them more excited when they won.” This was such an amazing chance to become more united as a student body and school community.