Are We All Anakin?

Are We All Anakin?

Isac Ribeiro, Staff Writer

A long time ago, a Jedi named Skywalker was in a galaxy far, far away. In the movie “Revenge of the Sith,” Anakin Skywalker was a mighty Jedi known as the chosen one. Later in his life, the Jedi refused to give him the rank of master, mistreated him, and disregarded  him as the “chosen one.” Due to this, he was easily misled to turn to the dark side and destroy the Jedi. After that, he dueled his best friend, had all his limbs cut off, and was set on fire. He survived, but he had all his limbs replaced with a robotic suit designed to give him constant pain. He served an evil empire until his son Luke convinced him that there was still good in him. When he saw that, Vader was gone, and Anakin returned and killed the emperor, ending Palpatine’s(the evil emperor) rain of terror.

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic and well-written characters of all time, but one thing that was the most interesting was the fact that everyone thought that the Jedi were right in almost everything. Anakin, in a way, represents us and how we, as people make mistakes and fall into the trap of despair and sorrow. He also represents the Savior because he was chosen to bring balance to the force. Mrs. Hilmo, the Journalism teacher, told us her opinion on this, it was, “Well, Star Wars follows the hero’s journey. It is a classic hero’s Journey… I think he represents us in the world in the plan of salvation.” When asked, “ What if I told you it was the Jedi’s fault for Anakin’s fall to the dark side? “How so? “ then responded with” you see, the reason why Anakin wanted to gain the rank of the master was that he wanted to save his wife (Padme) from dying.” After that, Mrs. Hilmo said, “…He was trying to manipulate the situation, so that didn’t happen, but now that I say that, is that too different from modern medicine ”

 Matthew Sperry, a ninth grader in my space simulator class said, “ So, I find Anakin close to Jesus Christ because Anakin was known as the chosen one. He was the one who would save the Jedi and destroy the sith but in the end. The Jedi didn’t even trust and didn’t even love him, which was all he wanted. I relate this to Jesus Christ because he was the chosen one by God, and we, as the people, didn’t even respect him, and we ended up killing him as our savior.” Anakin was the chosen one, in the end, to bring balance to the force. He destroyed the light and the dark and restored balance in his world. Nolan Spackman, sophomore, said “Well, Anakin did what he thought was right. He thought that joining the dark side would be the best way to save Padme, But it actually turned out to be the wrong thing. That just is how life is sometimes with us. We think we are doing the right thing, but we are doing the wrong things. So we should listen to the spirit.”.  I really loved that Inaliceces. I think, from time to time, we all do an Anakin and sin, thinking it’s the right thing to do.

Caden Niemann, sophomore, said this about the matter. “ I think he is somebody who went down the wrong path, then he repented at the end, and I think that some people go down the wrong path sometimes. I think we need to help them out and be like Obi-wan and Luke skywalker.”  We all need help in life. To help people like Anakin back to the like side, we need to be more like Luke, never believing that his father was truly gone to the dark side and less like the Jedi who didn’t trust him.