Patriot Passions


Nathan Schmidt, Staff Writer

American Heritage School is filled to the brim with students that posess incredible talents and passions. Hobbies and interests that range from sports, to music, to writing are all a part of what makes our group of high school students amazing and unique. While many students favor similar passions, there are some students who might have a hobby or interest that’s a little out of the norm.                             

      Megan Livingston is a sophomore in our high school who has a rather unique hobby, wood burning. What seems like a strange practice is actually a form of art. Livingston describes it as, “A soldering iron and then you put it against the wood, and you create different art styles or pictures of characters from movies or TV shows.” A soldering iron is a small tool that is mainly used in installation repairs. It also can do limited production work in electronics. In wood burning, this tool can be used to burn beautiful designs on a wood surface. Livingston created the beautiful wood-burned image of Cosette in Mr Earnest’s room.

   Art and sports seem to fly high at American Heritage, but what if you combine the two? Georgia Lewis is a freshman who transferred to our school in January and currently does half day here. She takes her art to a whole new level in the form of figure skating. Lewis has been skating for over seven years. This amount of experience has turned Lewis into a miniprofessional and has prepared her to land difficult jumps. Lewis stated, “I landed my double loop two weeks ago.” Lewis has a goal to land a double axil by the end of the year.