Green Patriots: We Can Make a Difference


Txanton Chertudi, Staff Writer

The challenge of fighting climate change is a daunting task, but high schoolers can do more than some may think. A single person can’t change the climate independently, but when more people are aware and taking action, the greater the chance. Unfortunately, significant change will only come about if people in power listen to the concerns of the public regarding the climate. However, personally offsetting your Carbon footprint can further the cause to change, and some methods can significantly impact if widely adopted.

Growing one’s food is a great way to reduce food wastage which is a primary concern regarding the climate. Gardeners see some of the main effects when it comes to what humanity’s actions have already done. Sophomore Gabriel Pettingill said, “Growing plants has helped me appreciate what’s at stake with the climate crisis by bringing to life the importance of living organisms.” When it comes to gardening, it’s important to remember water consumption. Trapping rainwater is a great solution to replace just turning on the hose to water plants.  Additionally, using organic fertilizer methods like composting is another way to continue the eco-trend when gardening.

Being eco-friendly is as easy as simply recycling and is an easy, effective way to promote sustainability. Sophomore Lucia DeForest said, “You can use milk containers to grow plants in. That’s what I do.” Doing these small steps allows individuals to take an active role in promoting sustainability. Battling the challenge of Climate change is an intimidating trial, but through learning and everyday actions, anyone can become more environmentally conscious.