Pets Can Be Theraputic


Lucy Nelson, Staff Writer

Many people around the world have pets, and not many have said they don’t like their animals. Pets are great companions, and it could be said that they have unconditional love. Many students at American Heritage have pets and have experienced their healing and therapeutic power. Freshman Emma Martin who has a dog and two cats says, “Animals have brought me a lot of happiness and comfort as well as relief from stress.” 


The comfort of pets comes into play a lot when their owner is having a hard day. Martin says, “Any day when I come home from school, and I’m tired and feeling kind of down, I just walk into my room where my cats are happy to meet me and want all my attention and love, so does my dog as she greets me at the top of the stairs.” 


Freshman Olivia Gibson and her family breed animals and will give them to foster homes and veterans. She has 15 cats and 25 dogs in her home! It’s a lot of work, but she says, “I like cleaning for them because they do so much for me.” She loves being with her animals and appreciates all of the love, comfort, and joy they provide.