AHS: Who Are We?

AHS: Who Are We?

Sawyer Dawson, Staff Writer

American Heritage School is no ordinary school. It is a school that inspires the minds of the students through the learning of religion and education. Since 1970, American Heritage School has expanded its learning in many types of ways including new classes, buildings, and more. With the oncoming of new students and classes each year, some have supposed that the school decided to expand to help bring in more students. The number of students has grown exceedingly throughout the years, today having more than 1000 students present at the American Fork location, plus an extra 150 in a new campus in Salt Lake City, including the extra students participating online. This is just a beginning, and American Heritage will continue to grow as the years go on.


 However, the reason for expanding the school is, at minimum, the number of students coming in. To go in-depth about the expansion, we can look the the “Mission Statement” of American Heritage School. The Statement is a combination of the laws taught by the world and the laws taught by Christ. This statement is mostly based on how we treat each other at the school but it also talks about the very importance of having Christ in our lives, which is the main reason for the school’s expansion. When the school was built, the founder, Dr. H. Verlan, explained that the school was to be focused on the Lord and that the school would strive to keep the spirit of Christ in the students’ hearts. 


Today, that is still a main standard that the school follows as they bring students up in educational activities. Mr. Grant Beckwith, Head of American Heritage School, said, “We try to create young women and men who serve the Lord and become good husbands and wives.”  Mr. Chase Hale, principal of the American Heritage School in American Fork follows in the same steps, saying, “The school exists because it has a mission…to help students and parents realize their divine potential.” The school’s main purpose is to build more excellent life education, all while drawing others closer to Christ. Making the extra expansion isn’t because of student growth; it is because the school wants to provide new ways to expand the students’ learning while finding greater opportunities to draw closer to The Eternal Son. 


Watch for the expansions that will be happening shortly in 2025. Go Patriots!