Actors of AHS Rejoice! New Revelations for Next Year


Mason Longhurst, Associate Editor

With Beauty and the Beast now in the rear-view mirror, the student body can look towards next year’s productions. With a record number of cast members participating in the drama department this past year, many students expect some changes to take effect next school year. Mrs. Oelrich, who directed Beauty and the Beast, was willing to unveil some of the adjustments being proposed and considered. She stated “I’m so excited for next year, I think that the sky’s the limit. We are looking at doing an additional musical, giving more people more opportunities and making them not feel as stressed between their sports and the musical. If they do a fall sport, they can do the spring musical, and if they do a spring sport, they can do the fall musical, and those that don’t do sports, this is their sport, and they can do two musicals. We’re excited, we’re working out the logistics and trying to work out what those musicals are going to look like. There’s also going to be a play mixed into that, and so it’s just working out all the logistics and picking those. I’m excited to be a part of whatever they have me do, whether I’m doing vocals or directing. We’ll find out what that looks like.”


 Months of planning goes into the plays and musicals that AHS puts on, and then months more is spent rehearsing and learning the show itself. But now, with summer break between us and the next show, the powers that be are busy planning the upcoming shows. Given the mystery and excitement surrounding the upcoming performances, many students are excited to participate in the plays. Junior Benson Hale stated “I definitely want (the fall play) to be a fun one, a really funny play. I want the musical to be funny, a comedic musical, if that exists. I’d also love to have a good fight scene or something in it”. With evident excitement in the student body, and a receptive administration reworking the schedule, students can look forward to exciting new plans in the future.