Salt to the Sea Book Review

Jerel Acuna, Staff Writer

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Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepetys, will get your hopes up, only to have them come crashing down. The cycle goes on, just as life does. Flashing back into the horrors of World War II, the author dives into the lives of four escapees; a runaway Lithuanian, a fleeing Prussian, a frightened Polish, and a delusional German soldier. Sepetys explores their inner thoughts and actions as they struggle to make their way to safety on the MV Wilhelm Gustloff ship. As they escape from the raining bullets and explosions, they lose loved ones along the way.. and maybe even themselves.

Sepetys definitely blew my mind when I read this historical fiction book back in 9th grade. I got to delve into the background of what life was, or could have been, in World War II. People who struggled against both sides of the Allied and the Axis powers and tried to escape the battles that were caught between them. I got to experience the four characters in their way of running, fighting, and living. Never in my life have I read a greater book than Salt to the Sea. This is a must-read. Whether you’re into historical fiction, action, or any other genre that applies, this book won’t fail to surprise, excite and scare you.