Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Jerel Acuna, Staff Writer

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Sometimes it’s tiring to read a whole bunch of words in a book just to get to the an interesting point two chapters later. Well, it’s high time you take a break from the traditional novels full of words and head into the world of graphic novels where you’ll get what you need instantly, in a jiffy.
Graphic novels are told in a series of comic-strip formats, and are what some would call “comic books”, although there have been debates as to how to classify them. Graphic novels are quite different from comic books; graphic novels are much longer and will tend to be more complex..
Let’s look at why you should be reading these art-filled books. And also why, maybe, you shouldn’t.

PROS of Graphic Novels:
Easier visuals – No doubt, people want to understand the complexity of stories, get a real look of the characters or jump quick into the action, and it’s precisely why graphic novels could be your perfect hobby.
Fast and short – Graphic novels tend to have short pages, usually under a hundred. You won’t be reading much when it comes to graphic novels, as the art is there to provide you with everything you need to know.
Marriage of Text and Image – Yup. Both of them are combined in graphic novels.
Art visual – Sometimes just looking at the art is a plus itself. It’s nice to look at something vibrant and colorful once in a while.
Education – Young people thrive on visual information. Graphic novels can be used to learn and enjoy at the same time.

CONS of Graphic Novels:
Lack of imagination – With everything the graphics are providing you, you won’t be given much of an opportunity to use your imagination. Traditional novels have words and descriptions for you to imagine in your own way and how you, yourself, should interpret it.
Short – Yes, short. Folks out there won’t be content with just a few filled words and a whole lot of art. They want more, is the gist of it.
Jokes? – There are sometimes ‘inside’ jokes that authors and artists use that you may not understand. You might even miss it. People really don’t want to miss out when reading for the first time.
Education – It comes with the idea of “high interest/low level” as graphic novels tend to be pricey. The vocabulary level and theme don’t always challenge the students.

That is a summation of advantages and disadvantages of graphic novels. Now it’s up to you to decide. What’s your take on these pictures worth worth a thousand words?