Posessed Sweets

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Posessed Sweets

Cosette Bradford, Staff Writer

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Things totally went wrong in the kitchen as a young chef was trying to create a masterpiece for Halloween. She planning to make Apple Pie Caramel Apples with the white chocolate in the shape of a spider web with a little black spider (made out of black colored white chocolate) on the spider web. While the bottom half had cinnamon and sugar. But – nope, nothing turned out it was like it was supposed to. The caramel refused to reach the right consistency, it also seemed that the more that she stirred the more crystals seemed to want to form, and hardened way too hard. Maybe it was the temperature, but it seemed to have a will of its own. The same thing happened with the white chocolate — it also refused to do what it was expected. It was frustrating when the chocolate became very thick and grainy even when it was still warm. So, though the image looks “good” it is not. So know that this little embarrassed chef who lost all hope of what she was making because of the ghost whose name is, Mistakes, decided to take over her cooking. Here is a list of don’ts so you can ward off Mistakes:

1. Always make your own caramel (store bought won’t taste as good)
2. Don’t cook the caramel too long or get it too hot
3. Only use Guittard White Chocolate Chips
4. Also, don’t add too much food coloring to the chocolate if you plan on making a spider on top of the spider web

Then a few days later, still undaunted, she was determined to try to make a new Halloween treat and see if homemade caramel would work and using a better brand of white chocolate and using a caramel recipe from her great grandma. So, she went to work with the determination to beat the ghost that seemed to like to possess her sweet treats. At first everything seemed to be behaving normally but then as the caramel continued to cook the thermometer seemed to register the wrong temperature. And as more time went on the grease from the butter separated from the caramel and it began to burn. To prevent the ghost from creating any more havoc she took the caramel off the stove let is cool a little. But the ghost refused to stop and made the caramel not stick to the apples. Again to foul the ghost’s plans she scrubbed the apples to get rid of the wax that was on them. This disappointed the ghost and he refused to make any more mischief except making it hard to put on the cinnamon and sugar but that was soon fixed by putting it on the apples sooner. Also, she discovered that to much food coloring in the white chocolate made is clumpy. Oh, that ghost sure is naughty. So again, she fouled his plans by adding more chocolate to the mixture and it was saved and made lovely spiders. Also, she heated the white chocolate in the microwave instead of on the stove and that worked out nicely and in the end she had a very delicious treat. Here is her recipe for Apple Pie Caramel Apples.

Below is the compilation she used: Other Ingredients:
Caramel 7-8 Granny Smith Apples
By: Dawna Bradford 1 12oz bag of Guittard White
4 cups of white granulated sugar Chocolate Chips
2 cups white corn syrup(use Karo brand) 1 cup of white sugar
1 cup of butter 4 tsp of ground cinnamon
2 13oz cans of evaporated milk Black food coloring
2 tsp vanilla Popsicle sticks
Melt butter, Karo, sugar and bring to a boil on Parchment paper
medium heat. Cover and cook 10 minutes. Add Cookie trays
canned milk very gradually, stirring and keeping a
constant boil(if the mixture is allowed to cool down
it might curdle). Wash down sides of pan with water
occasionally to keep crystals from forming. Cook the
caramel to 230 degrees(use a candy thermometer). Remove
from heat and add vanilla.

First make the caramel and don’t burn it or yourself. Then in between times of stirring the caramel mix together the cinnamon and sugar in a bowl then set it aside. Also, the apples need to be refrigerated for at least a day before you use them. Wash the apples also while the caramel is cooking and wash them with hot water and baking soda, dry them off, and then put them back in the fridge to keep cool. Once the caramel is done and you have put in the vanilla then put the sticks in the apples and dip in the caramel. Let the excess caramel drip off and then hold the apple upside down for 11 seconds and then set in the bowl with cinnamon and sugar in it and swirl around until half the apple is covered. Then set on a cookie sheet that is covered with greased parchment paper. While they cool heat the milk chocolate in the microwave or if there is the slight possibility you don’t have a microwave melt the chocolate using a double boiler. Take a little less than half the white chocolate and color with a little black food coloring to make it grey. Then put the plain white chocolate in a frosting bag and snip a very small part of the tip and make the spider webs on the tops of the caramel apples. Then add the best little grey spider you can to each spider web of each apple and there you go and enjoy.