Patriot Press

2019-2020 Staff

Halle Purles

Halle Purles is a freshman who loves to hangout with friends and spend time with her family. She enjoys going on vacation and spending time outdoors with the people she loves. Halle is excited to be on the Patriot Press team!

Rebekah Knudsen

Rebekah Knudsen is a senior at AHS who loves to write. She is currently working on publishing her first book, titled, "The Brink." Rebekah is excited about it and, if you ask her, she will definitely tell you  more! Rebekah also...

Kamele Lung

Kamele Lung is a junior who loves softball and baseball. She recently moved to Utah from Hawaii. She loves going to the beach, spending time with family and friends, dancing, singing, and having a good time! She is looking forward...

Nettie Knudsen

Nettie Knudsen is a new student at AHS and is so excited to join our staff this year. Nettie is 16 and the 4th out of 9th children. She loves drama, performing, reading, and listening to music.

Tasia Carr

Tasia Carr is a sophomore who loves to express herself through sports. She hopes that she will be able to provide joy through her writing for Patriot Press. When she is not busy, you can usually find her on the soccer field or...

Olivia Matthews

Olivia Matthews is a freshman at AHS who is excited to help with Patriot Press. She loves to spend time with friends and family. In her spare time, she likes to watch Netflix, ride horses and play violin & viola.

Joe Crawford

Joseph Crawford is a nerdy, quick-witted freshman who loves telling stories, jokes, and just talking to people. He also loves reading, writing, and drawing comics! Joe is excited to be writing for Patriot Press!

Luke Lacey

Luke Lacey is a junior at American Heritage. He loves basketball and tennis and is mostly known for being tall. Luke also enjoys boating, skiing, spikeball, and watching football.

Max Wright

Max Wright is a junior at American Heritage. He enjoys going to Luke Lacey's house to hang out. He destroys Luke in one-on-one basketball games.

Eileen Chesworth

Eileen Chesworth is a humble artist (#2 pencil is her preferred medium). Her artwork brings tears to they eyes...she thinks she is funny, but her jokes will also make you cry.

Maylan Halverson

Maylan Halverson is a sophomore and is in her second year at AHS. She likes drawing, playing video games, and jelly beans. If you asked her what her favorite animal was, she would say her chickens Anthony and Majora, and also...

Ethan Morrill

Ethan Morrill is excited to be back in Journalism this year! A senior, he is willing to reach out and be a friend. Ethan participates in the Heritage Youth Chorus and plays both piano and organ. He loves spending time with family,...

Chloe Morrill

Chloe Morrill is excited to return to Patriot Press, this time as the Managing Editor. Chloe is a senior who enjoys anything to do with theatre, whether is be watching or acting. She also enjoys writing, singing, and dancing.

Tess Hilmo

Mrs. Hilmo is a 9th grade core teacher and also takes a swing at leading the Journalism (school newspaper) staff. She likes to read, make up words, and play with her puppy, Lucy.

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